Foliar treatment

The application of Nourivit and Nourivit Plus by means of spraying the solution onto the plant’s leaves aims at healthy plant growth and an increased rate of photosynthesis. The foliar treatment should be commenced at an early stage of plant development (first treatment during 2- 4 leaf-phase) and should be applied at least twice every 14 days.

This application method of coating the foliar surface with calcium-rich mineral carriers and micro-organisms allows for fast translocation to the inside of the leaf via the stomata and thus a higher CO² production.

Consequently, the plants chloroplasts are fortified during an early stage of plant development and the rate of photosynthesis is significantly increased.

As a result, both the quality of the plant products as well as overall yield are being enriched.

Furthermore, Nourivit fertiliser technology improves the plants water supply, making them more resistant in stressful situations. The plant can thus adapt to unexpected weather conditions and climate change accordingly.



Dosage per ha:

Mix Nourivit and Nourivit Plus together with approximately 300-500 Litres of water (per hectare) and spray the solution in form of fine mist onto the foliar surface.

Nourivit and Nourivit Plus should be added slowly and equally when filling the tank of the sprayer.



Ideally, the sprayer should have a nozzle with a diameter of about 150-300 µm using a pressure of 3-4 bar. When distributing Nourivit and Nourivit plus, the weather should be taken into account. Plants need to remain dry for at least 3 hours after application. When spraying the plants, acute sunlight should be avoided.










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