Learning about Nourivit plus - microorganisms

Without microorganisms, no inhabitable biosphere would exist on our planet. Microorganisms made life on earth possible in its present form. They enriched the initially life-threatening atmosphere of the Earth with that all-important substance - oxygen.


Microorganisms continue to maintain the material cycles in nature and are a significant component of ecosystems today. Humans have also utilized microorganisms since thousands of years – even though they did not always know that the little living beings are involved. Foodstuffs and stimulants such as cheese, yogurt, yeast pastries, beer and sauerkraut would be unimaginable without microorganisms. However,microorganisms have also made a significant contribution in more recent times. They are used for the production of antibiotics and biogas.


But what are Nourivit plus - microorganisms?

Nourivit plus - microorganisms are a special mixture of microorganisms that support regenerative processes and suppress putrefactive processes.

The most important micro-organisms in Nourivit plus are lactic acid bacteria, yeasts and photosynthesis bacteria. All microorganisms are collected in nature and specially cultured. Not genetically modified, of course.

What are Nourivit plus - microorganisms?

Nourivit influences the microbial environment in such a way that regenerative microorganisms become dominant. This creates an environment in which microorganisms – by means of fermentation – can play a positive role in connection with plant growth, plant quality and soil fertility. Fermentative breakdowns are stimulated, leading to the disappearance of rot. This means that soils in which regenerative organisms dominate can create optimal results, suppress disease and produce higher quality products.


The utilization of Nourivit plus - microorganisms is very appealing to conventional farmers and organic farmers alike. Through the use of Nourivit, the costs of fertilizers can be reduced and, with time, the number of weeds decreases. As Nourivit plus - microorganisms work best in anaerobe conditions, they can be utilized particularly well in areas where rot, putrid smells and silting-up occur.


Nourivit plus - microorganisms are utilized in farming, vegetable gardening, fruit-growing and wine-growing. In addition, Nourivit plus helps to improve the water quality in pools, biotopes and fishponds and also helps to breakdown silt. The microorganisms contained in Nourivit plus are able to transform the rot that occurs from the settling of various organic materials such as leaves, algae, pollen, seeds, fish food, etc. The water quality is optimized and this creates excellent conditions for the breeding of fish.


The history of Nourivit plus - microorganisms:

Many of these microorganisms have been known to the medical and food industries for a very long time and are highly useful for people, animals, plants, soils and water. Of course, the Nourivit plus - microorganisms have not been genetically modified.


What Nourivit plus - microorganisms do?

• They accelerate the transformation of organic matter and prevent rot.

• They stimulate the soil and increase the activity of soil organisms.

• They improve the warming up in spring and the storage capacity of the soil.

• They decrease the period of germination and promote root growth.

• They purify water.

• They reduce the amount of environmentally harmful gases and remove bad smells.


The dominance principle

There are three basic kinds of microorganisms:

• decomposition/degenerative /putrefactive microorganisms

• neutral – opportunistic – microorganisms

• regenerative/fermentative microorganisms


Nourivit plus - microorganisms are classified under the regenerative type. They can directly and indirectly prevent rot in all substances and therefore keep the environment and living things healthy.

The degenerative type of microorganism does exactly the opposite to the regenerative type. Neutral microorganisms are the largest group and follow the so-called dominance principle of whichever group is dominant in the system. If we therefore create conditions in which the regenerative microorganisms are dominant, these neutral microorganisms will follow the building-up process. The utilization of Nourivit plus - microorganisms therefore opens up entirely new dimensions in many spheres of life.


The fermentation principle

“Fermentation” (lat. fermentum: sourdough), as used in biotechnology, refers to the transformation of organic matter with the help of bacteria, fungi or cell cultures or through the addition of enzymes. In this way, a number of interesting medical products such as insulin, hyaluronic acid and a variety of antibiotics such as penicillin can be mass-produced in bioreactors with the help of micro-organisms.


Microorganisms can make substances that are very difficult to produce, or that cannot be produced, by purely chemical methods. During the fermentation of Nourivit plus - microorganisms – in contrast to rot – strongly anti-oxidative, environmentally friendly substances (enzymes, vitamins, amino-acids, bioactive substances, etc.) are formed, and not environmentally harmful substances (such as ammonia, laughing gas, methane, etc.).


The best example for fermentation is the production of sauerkraut. During this process, white cabbage, which is poor in vitamin C in its raw form, is transformed into a vitamin-C-rich foodstuff. This is done by the fermentative bacteria, in this case mostly lactic acid cultures.


The anti-oxidation principle

The antioxidants in the Nourivit plus - microorganisms are able to neutralise free radicals and promote regenerative conditions.



is the combination of any substance with oxygen (e.g. iron + oxygen = rust; sliced apple + oxygen = brown surface).

During oxidation, many free radicals can arise which are harmful to the particular surroundings.



prevents the combination of substances with oxygen or reverses this process (e.g. rust is prevented or reversed; apple slices remain light in colour for a longer period).

Nourivit plus - microorganisms produce large amounts of antioxidants. These consist primarily of polysaccharides, minerals in chelate form with catalytic activity, of small amounts of vitamins C and E as well as of trace elements.















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