Mission statement

Since its foundation on 04.10.2010, the Nourivit GmbH has consistently pursued its founding idea. The business objective and project definition is the development of a holistic solution for healthy plant growth. It has been the right ideological basis for all individuals involved to apply their distinct expertise and creativity and contribute to the advancement of our company concept.

The mission statement of Nourivit GmbH has been shaped by its contributing persons since the beginning and has been organised based on the principle of cooperative partnerships: agricultural experts, farmers, independent entrepreneurs, national and international, coming from various industrial sectors from varying ethnicities work together autonomously across national borders to contribute to common goals:

The qualitative and quantitative improvement of food production standards.

The increased conservation of soil fertility.

The modest handling of natural resources through utilization of natural control mechanisms

An appropriate price policy based on comprehensible socio-economic conventions.

With our products Nourivit and Nourivit Plus we have succeeded in developing and sustainably producing active components on a purely natural base, whose application coincides with our common goals and in the meantime is facing rising demand for conventional and biological farming, nationally and internationally.


The original company objective within the framework of product development and thus technical implementation by means of foliar application was aimed at an improvement of plant protection as well as more vital plant growth and therefore an increase in qualitative and quantitative fruit yield.

The versatile appliance of our products in local agricultural regions as well as outside of Austria and Europe in different climate zones – be it in form of regularly conducted field tests with scientific analysis or purely practical at agricultural holdings -  has led to new experiences and insights which have contributed significantly to the enhancement of our original product application methods.

The open minded cosmopolitan orientation of our mission statement proved rather advantageous for this development. The lion’s share of our agricultural partners – coming from various regions and countries- contributed considerably to the continuous development of our business objectives by giving us spontaneous and constructive feedback on their experience with our products as well as suggestions for improvement. The diligent analysis of scientific results of precisely planned field tests as well as the practice oriented feedback of our Nourivit clients from different countries enabled us to develop the NOURIVIT fertiliser technology.

On this basis, we continue to work with our partners in this context and within the framework of research projects we engage in the inspection and examination of existing technologies and their further enhancement.





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