Nourivit – the comprehensive solution for healthy plant growth

Nourivit is manufactured in several steps from natural mineral raw materials according to special grinding and sorting processes under quality supervision and without chemical additives.


The production method used ensures an optimal particle size for the application as pure plant aid in the area of foliar fertilisation, as well as in connection with Nourivit Plus microorganisms as a comprehensive solution for healthy plant growth.





The organic certification carried out by Nourivit GmbH is intended to let all areas of modern agriculture have access to this natural product and its benefits:

• More springy and resistant plants.

• Improved quality of fruit.

• Longer shelf life of fruit.

• Greater harvest due to better intake and conversion of soil nutrients.

• Reduction of water requirements (higher resistance to drought).

• Shortening of period of vegetation.

• No negative impact on groundwater.



How Nourivit works

Nourivit enters the interior of the leaf (intercellular space) through the leaf surface (cuticle) as well as through gaps (stomata). As a result of their small particle size (microns), the applied agents enter directly through the cell walls into the cytoplasm. This leads to a stronger formation of chloroplasts. Here, during the assimilation of photosynthesis leading to the formation of sugar and starch molecules, the agents are more rapidly integrated into the growth and storage process than conventional soil fertilisers.


In the young stages of growth of the plant, this leads to an increased cell growth and, at the same time, to a high build-up of chlorophyll. All of this occurs under optimal utilisation of the amount of water available. The sum of these processes is a significantly reduced period of vegetation.



Application of Nourivit

Mixed with water, Nourivit can be applied to all cultivated plants from the 3-5 leaf stage by means of special spraying equipment, in an approx. 1% suspension, in the form of a fine mist directly onto the leaves.



From the 3-5 leaf stage, the first treatment of 3 kg/ha of Nourivit is applied, using approx. 300 litres of water. After about 14 days, a second application follows with 3 kg/ha (greater leaf mass) and the same amount of water. During the period of vegetation, Nourivit can be applied in regular intervals of 10-14 days. At least 3 or 4 applications are necessary in total.


General information and directions for use:

Do not apply in direct sunlight or just before it rains (approx. 3 hours needed for absorption by the plant.) Best time to apply onto leaves is in the early morning hours. The spraying equipment should be cleaned thoroughly after use.


Nourivit is licensed at the Austrian agency for health and food safety as a plant aid. With this registration, Nourivit can be used in agriculture without a problem in all member states of the European Union (on the basis of the directive (EC) no. 764/2008).


In order to enable the utilisation of Nourivit in organic farming, in addition to conventional agriculture, Nourivit has also been included in the list of substances for organic farming as maintained by InfoXgen.


In non-EU countries, Nourivit is registered in Serbia and in Turkey; due to reciprocal approval, Nourivit can also be used for agricultural purposes in Australia. This applies for conventional agriculture as well as for organic farming.















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