Nourivit plus

Nourivit - the comprehensive solution for healthy plant growth

Nourivit plus are natural agents that have not been genetically modified and consist of yeasts, lactic acid cultures and photosynthesis bacteria.


They support the conversion of organic matter in the nutrients available to plants and create conditions that prevent the existence of pathogenic germs (pathogens).



How Nourivit plus works

By applying the plant aid as a foliar fertiliser at the same time as applying the Nourivit plus - microorganisms, an optimal distribution density is attained on the leaf surface.


Nourivit plus influences the microbial environment in such a way that fermentative microorganisms become dominant. They eliminate degradation products such as hydrogen sulphides, carbon dioxide and ammonia. During their digestive process, they build new substances out of these, such as amino-acids, sugar and vitamins, which are important for the growth and development of the plants. Through this process, conditions are created in the plants where the Nourivit plus - microorganisms can have a constant positive influence on plant growth and on plant quality through fermentation.

Nourivit plus brings about energetic plant growth and ensures a stable biological environment for the plants (state of equilibrium):

• Fungi such as mildew, leaf blight, rust, monilia, smut in cereal crops and scab are eaten up by the Nourivit plus - microorganisms.

• Bacterial diseases such as fireblight, rot, leaf spot, cankers or viral infections on tomatoes and cucumbers are prevented by the healthy equilibrium.

• Insects such as lice, leaf rollers, tortrix moths and leaf miners discover no potential for development, as the treated plants do not emit any signs of decay. The same applies for pests such as nematodes, spider mites and whiteflies.

• Slugs and snails find the energetic plant growth mixture unappealing and unattractive.

Application of Nourivit plus

Nourivit plus is used in combination with Nourivit. It can be applied to all cultivated plants from the 3-5 leaf stage by means of special spraying equipment, in an approx. 1% suspension, in the form of a fine mist directly onto the leaves.



From the 3-5 leaf stage, the first treatment of 3 kg/ha of Nourivit and 3 l/ha of Nourivit plus is applied, using approx. 300 litres of water. After about 14 days, a second application follows with 3l/ha (greater leaf mass) and the same amount of water. During the period of vegetation, Nourivit and Nourivit plus can be applied in regular intervals of 10-14 days. At least 3 or 4 applications are necessary in total.


General information and directions for use:

Only apply Nourivit and Nourivit plus using thoroughly cleaned spraying equipment. Do not apply in direct sunlight or just before it rains (approx. 3 hours needed for absorption by the plant.) Best time to apply onto leaves is in the early morning hours. The spraying equipment should be cleaned thoroughly after use.

Licensing of Nourivit plus

Nourivit plus is licensed at the Austrian agency for health and food safety as a plant aid. With this registration, Nourivit can be used in agriculture without a problem in all member states of the European Union (on the basis of the directive (EC) no. 764/2008).


In order to enable the utilisation of Nourivit in organic farming, in addition to conventional agriculture, Nourivit has also been included in the list of substances for organic farming as maintained by InfoXgen.















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