Soil cultivation

Nourivit- soil cultivation following harvest

Nourivit soil cultivation allows for better inclusion of crop residues and their transformation.

The treatment of crop residues with Nourivit Plus and their quick insertion into the ground speeds up the transformation of organic matter.

This greatly benefits the continuous generation of a clay-humus-complex, increasingly stabilizing the soils fertility in the process.

The promoted generation of humus occurs due to Nourivit Plus microorganisms. Nutrients bound within organic crop residues are being partly transformed into simple (inorganic) molecules, which can be easily absorbed by plants.

The Nourivit soil cultivation aims at increased humus production as well as higher levels of CO² being deposited and stored within the agricultural ground.

An adequate supply of humus serves as an ideal storage for CO², benefits the soil structure by making it more resistant while at the same time stimulating soil aeration, water retention and root growth.






Nourivit Plus soil cultivation positively influences the microfauna within the ground. The dominance of our regenerative (constructive, positive) microorganisms over degenerative (diminishing, negative) microorganisms creates ideal requirements for the transformation of existing organic matter into energy-rich nutrients through

Ways of fermentation: organic material- including organic waste- is being decomposed by using Nourivit Plus. Through anaerobic maturation the material is transformed into energy-rich substances such as short-chained sugar compounds, amino acids, vitamins, bioactive substances and antioxidants.

Antioxidants play a vital role in Nourivit’s fertiliser technology. They help prevent oxidation processes by neutralising free radicals and thus inhibiting any oxidative stress.

Nourivit Plus produces a large number of antioxidants in form of polysaccharides, chelated minerals with catalytic characteristics as well as vitamin C, vitamin E and micronutrients. These antioxidants reduce and stop degenerative and pathogenic processes.


- Conversion into plant-available nutrients

- Release of nutrients in the soil that were previously unreachable for plants

- Repelling of pathogenic organisms (e.g. Fusarium fungi) in the soil through positive micro-organisms (Nourivit plus)

-  Quicker warming up of the soil allowing earlier crop cultivation in spring-time



Application of soil treatment:

1. In two steps: Spraying of crop residues with field sprayer, then working it in with a cultivator, processing the surface with a maximum depth of 15 cm.

2. In one step: see Figures 1 and 2

The subsoiler pictured underneath Figure 2 is available for application with Nourivit Plus free of charge. However, used up wear parts will be charged.




For soil cultivation use 250-500 litres of Water mixed with 50 litres of Nourivit Plus per hectare.




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