Agro Basics

The most traditional purpose of agriculture is the production of foodstuffs. Besides the quantity of the produced foodstuffs, the quality as well as the sustainability of production are playing an increasingly important role. Another factor is “how” the production occurred, e.g. in harmony with natural cycles such as observing a particular crop rotation or the negative impact from the excessive use of artificial fertilisers or agricultural pesticides. This is becoming increasingly important to farmers and consumers alike.

This is where Nourivit GmbH’s strategy comes in – “integrated solutions” – the comprehensive solution for healthy plant growth becomes the main focus of research and development work in the field of agriculture.

The aim was to develop a combination of organic and inorganic agents (microorganisms and natural minerals) for widespread application in agriculture on a biological platform. This should contribute towards plant protection as well as to the promotion of growth and the size of the harvest.

A comprehensive biological solution for healthy plant growth has been developed successfully –Nourivit fertiliser technology.

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