Innovation Award for Valibiotics

High award for young Valibiotics researcher

Reza Omidvar of the Department of Agricultural Biotechnology, working group Prof. Lemmens, recently received the Innovation Award (2nd place) from the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (Vienna) for his research. In cooperation with Nourivit, the research group of Prof. Lemmens is researching in a project funded by the FFG on biological solutions against plant fungal diseases using the example of Fusarium.

Fusarium is a fungus that grows especially in corn or cereals and leads to high crop failures worldwide. Together with Nourivit, novel products – Valibiotics forte and Valibiotics Ca liquid – were developed to strengthen plants as a preventive measure against Fusarium. The products can be used in both conventional and organic farming. They are also characterized by a low risk to humans, animals and the environment.

The products Valibiotics forte and Valibiotics Ca liquid are currently in the approval process and will be available early next year.