"The animals are much healthier"

Cider farmer Sulzer on his experiences with Nourivit


My name is Sulzer Josef. I am an Austrian cider farmer, have cattle fattening and chickens and am a direct marketer. Our family produces many different juices and schnapps. In 2021 we were even awarded (1st place). My farm is in Eschenau, a hiking trail leads through our farm area.

We have been using Nourivit products since 2020. I used them first in the slurry pit since I had a very thick floating layer. The advice from the Nourivit consultants has helped a lot. The thick floating layer is gone, slurry smell is minimal. 

Later, I also bought Nourivit FKE. Since using it for hygiene and feeding, it has become much calmer in the stable. New animals are much better accepted, as I always spray the animals with Nourivit FKE straight away. The animals have also become much healthier and can digest the feed better. We were so thrilled that we changed the whole farm strategy. 

I also notice the effect very strongly on the pasture, as the grass grows better. I appreciate advice from Nourivit experts. Their recommandations and products and are very professional. 

Come to our farm and take a look (www.sulzermost.at). You are also welcome to taste our products. As regards children, our farms offers plenty of adventures.