"We are enthusiastic about Nourivit"

Farmer and competition rider Lina Imrek on her experience with Nourivit products

"My name is Lina Imrek. I live together with my husband Christopher, our six horses, our ducks, chickens and geese in the district of Oberwart in southern Burgenland. 

We came to Nourivit in 2021 through the Nourivit consultants Tatjana and Wolfgang Bandion, as we were looking for a comprehensive solution for natural support in feeding our animals and organic stable management. In the course of this, we also decided to try Nourivit's products on our organically managed farmland.

Thanks to the comprehensive advice of Tatjana and Wolfgang, who had previously gained an impression of our farm during an individual farm consultation and field inspection, we were able to draw up a concept together. In this way, we use Nourivit products in a targeted and efficient way to improve the health of our animals, to keep our crops healthy and to increase yields – taking into account all the requirements for organic farming.

In the stable, we use Nourivit FKE diluted with water for better quality and bio-availability of the daily hay ration for all horses. Used externally, it can prevent itching caused by insect bites, for example. Furthermore, I find that wounds heal faster and skin irritations subside more quickly. 

I have also successfully tried adding Nourivit FKE to the inhalation solution in case of respiratory problems in order to minimise the bacterial load in the horse's lungs. Nourivit calcium carbonate is added to the daily concentrate feed of horses in training and breeding. It strengthens the bone structure and the teeth, improves the transmission of nerve impulses and supports muscle contractions as well as the blood coagulation of sport and breeding horses.

Furthermore, the bedding as well as the walls and floors are regularly sprayed with diluted Nourivit Plus. This helps to reduce the nuisance of insects as well as high odour levels, especially in summer. It also improves the composting of the manure, which is subsequently applied to our fields as farm fertiliser. 

In agriculture we use Nourivit Calcium Carbonate as well as Nourivit Plus to improve our soils before cultivation, to dress our seeds and to increase plant health during growth. Here we follow the recommendations of Wolfgang and Tatjana, who are always there to help and advise us. No matter whether we have a problem or want an additional opinion: The two of them are always at our disposal with their know-how regarding arable farming and animal husbandry and try to offer us objective advice.

We are thrilled with Nourivit as we have now found a way to naturally support the health of our crops and soil on our organic farm, optimise our yields, support the health of our animals, in addition to being well advised at all times."